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Future GED training and Housing Facility for adult men and women seeking higher learning
We are seeking donations to build this facility and keep website active. And thank you for your support.
Secretary of State for Washington charities 360-725-0378
STATE REGISTRATION: Secretary of State: No. 7882
NON-PROFIT –UBI: Secretary of State: No. 601 870 356
Contract Duns ID # 961856320                                              Any Size Donation
You can send a donation to: Mission Improvement *P.O. Box 6235 Olympia, WA. 98507
Mission Improvement is a non-profit 501 c 3, tax deductible charity in Washington State. Our mission is to help stop the dropout rate and homelessness in its tracks by providing men and women with an opportunity to finish their education through the GED format.

During our present administration, we are seeking donations to help pay for GED testing for those who haven't finished their education. - Every subject requires financial assistance. There are five subjects - Reading, Writing, Science, Social Study, and Math that each individual need to accomplish their certificate of completion and Mission Improvement is making every effort to assist them, but we need your help with their payment request. If you can, please make a donation if you can, and thank you for your support. Any size donation will be helpful. $5, $10, $15, $25, or any size -- it's up to you the donor. Help us keep this very important process alive, because a lot of agencies are disappearing from our system concerning second chances for men and women.

You will be helping Mission Improvement solve a major problem in our system. Again, thank you. And this is Tax-Deductible.

Our main goal is to build the facility you see in the above picture in the very near future. This facility will provide men and women an opportunity to stay with Mission Improvement for an allotted time frame with teachers, cooks and cafeteria, local volunteers, staff, living quarters, TV room, laundry room, leisure game room, auditorium that provides entertainment, orientation, graduation ceremony, stage plays and performances, outreach programs - just to name a few things that will take place inside the facility.

Everyday, our society is being affected by children thinking and wanting to quit school and some of them doesn't give it any thought at all, they just drop-out all together without giving it a second thought whatsoever. And our system isn't making it any better. There are many agencies that used to support secondary education for re-entering the educational field -- but that too is being changed everyday as well. As you can see, the hope of the future will some day be viewed as something of the past if we don't do something about it now. Mission Improvement is hear to stay, no matter the cost because our purpose is to remind those who are looking for a way back into the mainstream of the society will always believe it is possible. Because we understand how important it is to learn from our mistake and have a second chance at correcting it. There is no honor trying to go through life with a cloud of shame and mistakes over your head and trying to accomplish something without the right tools and education you need to prosper. Mission Improvement wants to help the thousands upon thousands who believe that there is still hope in the world of learning. So join us and let's give people that are looking for a second chance a second chance.

Quitting and dropping out of school is a huge problem in our world and Mission Improvement is a solution.

Our main purpose is to help men and women without an education get their GED and/or attend college after completing the GED requirements. At the same time, clients will be able to help their smaller children who are not meeting the states requirements in the elementary and high school communities do better. This information comes by having children of our own and hearing elementary teachers expressing the pains and heartfelt concerns they have for smaller children not meeting school requirements. Some children are fortunate to have educated relatives, but there are a lot of children returning home after a busy school day just to hear loved ones to tired, or not familiar with their homework assignments. And this is why we have an urgent call for help to the Thurston County community where Mission Improvement is based.

We understand that the dropout rate for our young people today has gotten out of hand, and the smaller children will have nothing to follow but the examples of those not interested in learning or dropping out of school. And that's not the future we want our children to grow up in -- wouldn't you agree?

The reason for the facility is that there is no other facility or business in the State of Washington that will give men and women room and board, three-meals a day plus snacks; 5-classrooms for the GED prerequisites, College level trades to be transferred to local colleges, and while staying at the facility for the allotted time frame to complete their GED. The business will provide some dental care, eye care, medical, counseling, responsibilities, self-help programs -- and still just to name a few things.

There are so many programs that used to help men and women have a second chance at completing their education -- you know, those looking for a second chance to get back into the mainstream of the society. Those second chance programs are disappearing faster than they should. And those who had jobs in the past will find it even more difficult without a complete education in the future.

Our real love for education is our small children, they are our real concerns and we feel if we just get their loved ones back into the mainstream of learning, the smaller children will have a better chance at growing up and becoming a brighter future for those of us who are counting on them -- they are the future -- so let's help those who are ready for a second chance to have it; it will be worth it -- wouldn't you agree? Mission Improvement wants to help the parents, and the parents wants to help their children. A win-win situation.
We are our brother and sister's keeper.
The harvest is great, but the workers are few. 
Everyone has a door waiting to be opened to the person he or she was meant to be, to live the life they were meant to live.
Our mission is to not just to help men and women complete their education. But it is mainly, to create better employees for the future. We are working to provide the society with the business builders of tomorrow. -- All websites are free to click on, no charge. This is why we are called Mission Improvement.

We have thousands of visitors visiting our Websites and if you or your business become a supporter to our cause, we will place your business here on our Web page to support your cause in return. Just send us a donation and your website link and we will honorably place your business on our donor and supporter list below and our visitors will know that you support us, and in return others will learn about you and also offer more support to your cause. It's a win-win situation -- wouldn't you agree? All visitors have to do is click on your web-link to learn more about you from our web page.

                                                    DONOR AND SUPPORT LIST
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