Mission Improvement -
                         The Twelve Vision Enlightenment.
Read the Vision Enlightenments, Daily.
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Click on the any link below, and discover real enlightenments.
Vision Enlightenment One Date of birth to the public, is 12-20-13
Write these 3-Words down, and think about them all throughout each day -- and watch the "Magic" inside you coming to life?
The 3-Magic Words, are: "My Efforts, Work!" these words are the secret phrases governing your success. No matter what you do! These words are the true secret within, and behind the LAW Of ATTRACTION!
Click on this link ---->  MY EFFORTS, WORK! -- revised edition
These links below, has given a lot of people clues to better, richer, healthier, and happier living conditions. Read, study, and learn them -- they could easily work for you as well. But, apply them to your efforts!  
Seven Steps to Success                                                           
Eight habits of Manifesting-routine       
101 Powerful affirmations                     
Bonus money Attraction                       
Attract Money Now book                       
Brain Maximization  
 Talk to Millionaires                                                                       
Money Magnet
Money Magnet Course
Manifestation Map
Millionaire Mindset
Millionaire Mindset Worksheet
On being a Billionaire
Science of Getting Rich
Seeing the Yes power within You
Tapping Power Source
The Secret - IknowThyself
Super Charge your success

There is "More!" to come.
Making Money online for Newbies 
Positive Abundance
My Mind is the Captain
Free Money System 
Free Money System Module 1
Free Money System Module 2
Free Money System Module 3
Success formula 
Mind Booster
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